Video: Kendrick Lamar – A.D.H.D

Va$htie’s has a great creative vision. Have you ever seen her CRS “US Placers” video?  Today we receive Kendrick Lamar’s “H.D.H.D” directed by the very lovely, Va$htie and presented by Rocksmith.  Hit the jump for Vashtie’s comments on the video.

Va$htie explains her direction and visual idea behind the video via Life and Times.

“I had the honor of directing a music video for one of my new favorite artists – Kendrick Lamar. After falling in love with his mixtape Section.80 and playing it on repeat, I was given the choice to pick any song to direct. I settled on “A.D.H.D.” for it’s dark beat and melancholy lyrics, tones that have always resonated with me. Like most of Kendrick’s songs off Section.80, it felt like a confessional of a conflicted generation; a timeless and universal theme.

I wanted the video to illustrate the emotion he paints with words, while avoiding gratuitous shots of any substance. Despite the song’s title and content, the focus isn’t the drugs, but rather, that basic human experience of apathetic youth. That simple mood of emptiness which we choose to either address or self-medicate.

Kendrick is a monster. Not only is he gifted as a musician, but as a person, he’s an genuine sweetheart. I hope you like the video…”

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